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North Hennepin Community College is honored to be part of MN Reconnect, a program designed specifically for adult learners. If you are a Minnesota resident, 25 and older, who completed 15 or more college credits without earning a degree, MN Reconnect can help you complete your education.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a few credits away, or would like to start a new academic journey, we will help you achieve your goals and make sure you have the resources for a successful experience. With MN Reconnect, we can go the extra mile!

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At NHCC, we go above and beyond to support our adult learners, whether it’s through financial, academic, or personal services. Every student is unique. That is why we offer you personalized assistance towards your completion.

Located in Brooklyn Park, North Hennepin Community College offers over 60 degree and certificate programs designed to prepare you for the workforce, many of which can be done completely online. A full list can be viewed here.

“Our strength lies in the deeply committed faculty and staff who work diligently to make sure you have an exceptional experience in small classroom settings. Our flexible evening and weekend scheduling, accelerated courses, and online options offer convenience to fit any busy lifestyle.” – Dr. Rolando García, President.

No matter who you are, no matter your history, no matter the reason why you left college in the first place, you are valued here. You are deserving of an education. You are always welcome back.

North Hennepin Community College students
North Hennepin Community College students

What we’re able to do through MN Reconnect

Every adult learner needs different support services to complete their program. After an absence from college, the assistance you need now can look very different than it did originally. North Hennepin Community College can support you with personalized academic and career planning, among other services.

The defining factor of MN Reconnect is access to a navigator. You will not be in this alone and your navigator will continue to support you until you complete your desired program. Your navigator is with you every step of the way from choosing your classes, filling out a FAFSA and acquiring financial aid, to registering on time.

Together, we will design a custom plan for completion of your chosen program. Your academic progress will be evaluated on a continuous basis and you will be connected to the support services that NHCC can offer to ensure your success.

With MN Reconnect, you can take advantage of:

  • MN Reconnect scholarships of $1,000 per semester
  • Up to $1,000 to resolve financial holds
  • Academic advising
  • Accessibility services for students with documented disabilities
  • Career Center
  • Community Connections Resource Center
  • Counseling
  • Food Cupboard
  • Health Clinic
  • Peer and professional tutoring
  • Veterans Affairs

“I’m Madison Chuba, the designated Reconnect Navigator for North Hennepin Community College. I take pride in helping our adult learners get the financial and emotional support it takes to tackle the different challenges that might occur as they return to college. I’m just as committed to your academic goals as you are. Contact me today, and I can help you out!”

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Last year, over $150 million in federal and state grants helped make college affordable for thousands of Minnesota adult learners. These funds, along with the MN Reconnect Scholarship, are available to you, too, and I will help you apply for them.

An affordable education is possible.

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