What is MN Reconnect?

MN Reconnect is a program that helps adult learners re-enroll and finish their postsecondary education. MN Reconnect was developed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education in partnership with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and with the financial and technical support from Lumina Foundation and the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO).

Which institutions participate in MN Reconnect?

Four Minnesota State colleges have been selected to participate in the launching phase of MN Reconnect: Inver Hills Community College, Lake Superior College, Riverland Community College and South Central College.

Am I eligible for MN Reconnect?

You are eligible to participate in MN Reconnect if you meet the following requisites:

  • Are between the ages of 25 and 61
  • Have not completed a college award/degree
  • Have completed 15 or more college credits
  • Have not been enrolled at an institution for the two academic years prior to enrollment
  • Are a Minnesota resident
  • Commit to completing a certificate, diploma or associate degree at the participating colleges in two years

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, don’t hesitate to contact the designated navigator for your college.

Is MN Reconnect available at all Minnesota colleges?

No, only four Minnesota State colleges have been selected to participate in the launching phase of MN Reconnect: Inver Hills Community College, Lake Superior College, Riverland Community College and South Central College. To learn about our participating institutions, please visit https://mnreconnect.com/participating-institutions/

If I attended another institution previously, and I am now returning to one of the four MN Reconnect colleges, would I be eligible?

Yes, transfer students are eligible as long as they meet the program requirements (see “Am I eligible for MN Reconnect?”).

Who should I contact with questions regarding the MN Reconnect program?

If you are interested in re-enrolling in one of the participating colleges, please contact their respective navigator. They are your direct resource for MN Reconnect. Navigators will answer your questions about eligibility, admissions, registering for classes, scholarships, and more. They also serve as the primary advisor for all participants.

If you have general questions regarding the program, please contact Shelly Auldrich at shelly.auldrich@minnstate.edu or call her at (651) 201-1677.

Is there an application fee when re-enrolling?

No. While Riverland Community College and South Central College don’t charge application fees to students, such fees are waived by Inver Hills Community College and Lake Superior College for adult learners who re-enroll back.

Is there any financial assistance available to me if I participate in MN Reconnect?

Last year over $150 million in federal and state financial aid grants helped make college affordable for thousands of Minnesota adult learners. Our navigators will help you explore how to make college affordable for you and help you apply for any financial resources available, including the MN Reconnect Scholarship and other scholarships for MN Reconnect students provided at specific colleges.

What is the MN Reconnect Scholarship?

The MN Reconnect Scholarship awards up to $1,000 per semester to eligible adult learners enrolling in a MN Reconnect participating institution.  As an adult learner, you can count on this funding each semester, in addition to other federal and state grants, to help you pay tuition, buy books, or assist with childcare or transportation costs.

*Awards are based on the availability of funds.

Will summer classes be available if the COVID-19 response is still in place?

Yes, classes will be available for summer while the COVID-19 response is active. All currently scheduled classes are designed to be offered via distance learning.

Enrollment is currently open at our participating colleges; summer classes start in late May. Please get in touch with the navigator at any of the participating colleges to learn more about registration, distance learning, and alternative options available for labs and technical classes for specific programs.

I have never taken online classes. What should I expect and what could I do to have a successful experience?

Facing a new instructional method may trigger second thoughts about going back to college, but it should not scare you away from your goal of earning your degree. We are here for you. Navigators at each of our participating colleges will provide you with tutorials and instructional videos to help you easily adapt to new learning platforms, such as Desire2Learn (D2L), Zoom, and Skype, and answer all your questions about distance learning.

Will the fall semester be imparted online?

Classes will definitely be open for registration for the fall semester. However, no decision has been made yet about college students returning back to campus. Your navigator will definitely keep you informed on how classes will be offered in the fall.

What resources are available to adult learners taking online classes?

Each college has made available to students specific to facilitate distance learning. You can learn about the resources at any of our participating colleges through their designated navigator. MN Reconnect navigators are there for you to advise you on how to best adapt to distance learning, acquiring technological capacity, and access specific aid to adult learners at their college, and other community and state resources to alleviate any emergency you may experience.

We encourage you to get in touch with a navigator as they can best advise you on re-enrollment, applying for the MN State Grant and the MN Reconnect Scholarship, how to take advantage of summer classes and plan ahead for fall semester.

MN Reconnect is about helping adult learners like you complete their program. We will connect you with the resources you need to earn your degree. Get in touch with us today.